Gajar Burfi/ Carrot Fudge

This beautiful orange colored burfi will surely grab the attention of your family, friends and guests. I had prepared them as prasad for our bhajan satsangh hosted by family friends few months back and glad to mention here that the full tray of over 90 pieces got finished in few seconds. 

A simple sweet prepared with ingredients easily available at home, recipe is adapted from here. The recipe ingredients remains the same but the method varies little bit. 

Instant Onion Rawa Dosa ~ A No Maida Recipe

Rawa dosas are crispy semolina crepes, a must dish on South Indian menu cards. These crepes are tasty and can be prepared instantly [doesnot require fermentation]. Today the recipe is of this lacey dosa, a famous one from South India. My attempts of trying rawa dosa have been successful in past but the recipe that I picked up has maida in it. So when I read a NO MAIDA rawa dosa recipe on this blog by Sushma I was happy and tried it immediately. Below recipe has been adapted from her blog with minimal modifications as per family preferences. Thanks Sushma for sharing your recipe.

Dharwad Pedhas

Dharwad pedhas are one of the favourites amongst all the pedhas, sold only by the Thakurs sweet shop at Dharwad in Karnataka and the preparation technique is a family secret. The availability of this sweet is limited to very few shops across the country, so getting hold of them here in this region where I stay was next to impossible. That made me think if only I could replicate this sweet at home. 

I messaged my SIL who is from Dharwad and pat came her reply about the process being lengthy where milk is reduced to khoya [milk solids] with added sugar and cardamom powder. My search on net produced results of recipes who have tried to replicate this sweet at home using ricotta cheese or khoya as main ingredient. I did have ricotta cheese tub which was nearing its expiry date and a tin of Dulce de leche. Now why DDL? as I mentioned before in my post here, taste of dulce de leche was so much similar to Dharwad pedhas, I decided to give a try with this ingredient and began my trial with them. Assembled both ingredients in microwave safe dish and cooked it. I followed microwave method from here except for different timings.  Took me about 32-35 mins to finish the preparation [excluding the time required to prepare DDL]. Spooned out the mixture and served it in each plate placed on dinner table. One of my friend who had visited us got a chance to taste small portion and instantly he said "so much like Dharwad pedhas"  Hurray!!! The final product tasted like those famous pedhas

After that I experimented few more times just to be sure about the microwave timings and each time, they came out close to shop bought ones.  Please note this is not traditional method. If you love Dharwad pedhas and are unable to get it in nearby sweet shops, then you may give a try for this recipe whenever the cravings strike and satisfy your sweet tooth.

Wheat and Rice Flour Dosas

A tasty and crispy dosa here, an instant version which requires no fermentation. Though a breakfast item, they can be prepared for lunch or dinner.

Cauliflower Pulao

While browsing through my recipe book I came across recipe for Cauliflower Pulao. Cauli is family favourite veggie and such simple yet delicious recipes are always on my radar. I adapted the original recipe from the book "Annapurna" and it tasted awesome.  You can prepare it with leftover rice and you may also add extra vegetables. This rice tasted even more delicious the next day.

Brinjal Potato Drumstick Side dish

What do you do when you have little of each vegetable in your stock? I had brinjal, drumstick, tomatoes in the fridge waiting to be finished off. Usually I prepare sambhar. But with the dough resting aside to prepare phulkas I decided to make a mixed semi- dry side dish to go with them.

Microwave Kalakand ~ A Sweet Beginning to Year 2015

A super quick recipe, this is adapted from recipe by Hetal and Anuja of SMC. I made minimal additions and followed their recipe to prepare this yummy treats, and begin the new year on a sweet note.

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